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Marriage Coach. Conflict Resolution Expert, Author. Keynote Speaker


Hi, I'm Coach Laura Gethers; conflict resolution expert, author, speaker, and founder of Love Harder Marriage Coaching! For the past 12 years, I've been married to an amazing man and together we have two beautiful, fun, energetic children.  I know firsthand that marriage is a beautiful thing, but it also definitely has its ups and downs. Growing up I didn’t see a lot of healthy marriages; which is one of the reasons I’m passionate about what I do.

It’s my desire to cultivate friendship and fun into marriages all around the world. I am here to equip couples with the tools they need to strengthen their marriage so they can win. I believe that every couple is capable of loving harder and I want to be in your corner encouraging you to do so.

If you and your spouse are constantly addressing the same issues with no resolve, it may be time to call in a referee who can help you resolve the reoccurring issues. Referees are essential to healthy marriages. We make sure

you play by the rules and we hold you accountable to God's standards. It’s critical that you have someone in your life that understands the rules to the game (Bible) and will not bend them on your behalf. I will get in the ring with you to ensure you fight fair.

You must know and believe that there's still time left on the clock. It may look like your marriage is failing. You might feel hopeless. However, it's never too late to decide to give it one more try. There is still time left on the clock. You can make one more play. You don't have to sign those divorce papers. Keep believing, and keep praying. You must remember that you and your spouse are on the same team! Life will throw some punches at you. Some will knock you down but NONE will knock you out if you remain together!

xo, Laura

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